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Things to see and do in Guanajuato


Most of our favorite restaurants are within walking distance from Casa Chan
Santo Cafe
Los Campos
Casa Valadez
Mexico Lindo y Sabroso
El Truco Siete
Cafe Atrio 
Chao Bello
Bar Tradicional Luna
Bar One, on roof top of Hotel Boutique 1850
La Capellina

Many of the restaurants are listed on Trip Advisor

Guanajuato has a rich history with many sites and museums to vist, the one we get asked about the most is the Mummy Museum.
Due to the dry climate bodies become mummified naturally.  In the late 1800, the city decided to tax the families of the deceased and if they did not or could not pay their family member was exhumed.  These bodies were stored for many years until a proper museum was established.  You can read more at:

Other Museums and points of interest are:
Teatro Juarez, if you don't want to see an event they are open for tours during the day
Union Jardin, many restaurants and bars around the plaza to visit, in the evenings the Mariachis come out to play
Monumento al Pipila, I suggest riding the funicular up to see the monument and wandering back down by way of the winding stairways
Mercado Hidalgo, this is a very large market.  The building was designed by Eiffel, as in the Eiffel Tower
Diego Rivera Home and Museum, this is the home were Diego was born, it has been restored and houses some of his early work
There are many plazas and churches in the area to see, La Paz Plaza has the Basilica as well as the government buildings and         commercial spaces, many of which once were mansions.
Plaza de San Fernando is one of our favorites, it has a beautiful stone fountain and is surrounded by restaurants and bars. It also has a large open space in the center that is used for cultural events.
La Presa de Olla is a great place to go for a walk or a run.  La Presa means dam and that is exactly what it is, and on the way to the dam there are some gardens and old buildings to look at.  They rent little boats to play around on the water. There have been some improvements and at the far end there is a nice place to sit and have a drink or light meal.

This web site has more detail and history if you are interested:,_Guanajuat
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